Endowment Fund

There are three main types of funds:

An Individual Family Fund is a named fund established in honor or in memory of a loved one. Often these funds are established to perpetuate the support that has been given by an individual over the course of one's lifetime. An Individual Family Fund could have more than one beneficiary, for example half of the distribution from the fund could benefit a parish and the other half of the distribution could be used for seminarians or some other ministry area.

An Organizational Fund is a fund that has been established by a parish or school. Distributions from these funds are usually for the "general purpose" of the organization as determined by the Pastor and organizational leadership. Individuals may set up a component fund of the organizational fund if it is for the exclusive use of that organization.

A Field of Interest Fund is named for the program or ministry that will receive funding, such as The St. John Vianney Seminarian Endowment Fund or a fund for inner-city scholarship for poor children. A current list of funds is included as an addendum.